Legal Notice


1) PREMISES AND RULES APPLICABLE. 1.1 The present general condi3ons have for object the sale of products and services carried out by TALIXO TUSCANY SRL., for own account or for third party, with registered office in Firenze – Piazza Frescobaldi n.4, e-mail, affiliate to the R.E.A. FI 668544, (hereinaUer also referred to as “Organizer” or “TALIXO TUSCANY”). 1.2 The condi3ons are governed by the provisions of the law referred to in D. Lgs. 62 of 21.05.2018 (Law implemen3ng the EU Direc3ve 2015/2302) and – as far as applicable and compa3ble – by L. 27/12/1977 No 1084 of ra3fica3on and implementa3on of the Interna3onal Conven3on on the Contract of Travel (CCV) signed in Brussels on 23/4/1970 s.m.i. 1.3 Any catalogue or brochure/addi3onal condi3on or web packages or amendments and addi3ons to these terms and condi3ons, as well as any other informa3on provided by TALIXO TUSCANY directly or through another organizer, shall also cons3tute contractual discipline, opera3ng for TALIXO TUSCANY, by telema3c, paper or by reference to specific links. 1.3a- the above-men3oned legal provisions ARE NOT APPLICABLE to the tourist package and/or tourist services, according to art. 32, comma 2, lecer a), b) e c) del D. Lgs n. 62 del 21.05.2018 e l’art.2, comma 2, lecer a), b), c) the law implemen3ng Direc3ve EU 2015/2302 1.4 By approving these General Terms and Condi3ons, the Traveller declares that he has read, understood and, consequently, accepted the General Terms and Condi3ons of the Travel Organizer and/or the Service Provider, without excep3on, with regard to the applica3on of any amending and/or supplementary condi3ons applied. 1.5 Where used in the contract, the term “Traveller” may also be used to iden3fy the “contrac3ng party”, even if it is a person other than the actual user of the journey, or the person who assumes the obliga3ons inherent in and consequent to the signing of the contract, also in the name and on behalf of third par3es.

2) SUBJECT OF THE CONTRACT. These condi3ons govern the sales contract drawn up in wri3ng and/or by hyperlink link and accepted for the sale of package tours (hereinaUer referred to as the “Package”), tourist services (hereinaUer referred to as “Tourist Services”) and related tourist services (hereinaUer referred to as Linked Tourist Services or STC), as defined by Art. 33 of D. Lgs. 62 of 21.05.2018 and of Direc3ve EU 2015/2302

3) SUBJECTIVE STATUS OF TALIXO TUSCANY. 3.1 TALIXO TUSCANY, at the 3me of the conclusion of the contract, will give explicit informa3on to the user, regarding the subjec3ve qualifica3on of the role played as Organizer or Seller or Professional and specifically, pursuant to art. 33 of D. Lgs. 21.05.2018 n. 62 e art.3 of direc3ve UE 2015/2302: – “Organizer”: is a professional who combines packages and sells them or offers them for sale directly or through or together with another professional, or the professional who transmits data rela3ng to the Traveller to another professional in accordance with point c), number 2.4); – “Seller”: is the professional other than the organizer who sells or offers for sale packages combined by an organizer. 3.2 In par3cular, in the following general condi3ons, the clauses rela3ng to the contract concluded by TALIXO TUSCANY, as Organizer, will be governed and, with express indica3on of the different subjec3ve status, the condi3ons governing the rela3onship with TALIXO TUSCANY, as a Seller (as an agent) and those governing the rela3onship between the Traveller and TALIXO TUSCANY as a provider of Linked Tourist Services

4) RESERVATIONS – CONTRACT APPLICATION 4.1 The booking request must be made on a specific contractual form and/or hyperlink completed and signed by the Traveller who will receive a copy on a durable medium. Without prejudice to the provisions of the following Ar3cle 4.2 the contractual proposal will be deemed defini3vely completed at the 3me of the subscrip3on by the Traveller. 4.2a- The effec3veness of the contract is subject to confirma3on by the Organizer or confirma3on of availability to TALIXO TUSCANY of the individual tourist services. 4.3 In the case of a single booking made in favour of several par3es that will be listed in the contract form, the applicant, even if not a par3cipant in the trip, guarantees to have the necessary powers on behalf of these par3es and in any case guarantees, ex art.1381 of the Italian Civil Code, as well as on its own, compliance with all contractual obliga3ons also by the other par3es indicated in the reserva3on. 4.4 The addi3onal informa3on referred to in art.36 of D. Lgs. 62/2018, rela3ng to the services purchased and not contained in the contract documents, in brochures, on the website of TALIXO TUSCANY or in other means of communica3on, will be provided to the Traveller, promptly, as soon as known and in possession of TALIXO TUSCANY. 4.5 Before departure, the Traveller will receive from TALIXO TUSCANY the travel documents, as well as, if not previously specified, the details of the schedules, including those of the connec3ons. The Traveller notes that, any failure to indicate the departure 3me /return to pre-contractual phase is exclusively dependent on the objec3ve impossibility of TALIXO TUSCANY to provide such informa3on due to the organiza3onal modali3es of the service provider. In case of transfer that provides for the withdrawal / accompaniment of the Traveller to more than one loca3on the departure 3me indicated is to be understood merely indica3ve and referred to the city indicated in the booking form. The Traveller is obliged to check the accuracy of the informa3on contained in the 3ckets and the departure 3mes of air flights and/or other means of transport (for which he will not receive further no3ce); within two days of receipt of the travel documents, the Traveller undertakes to communicate to the number indicated in the contract any errors or discrepancies in the travel documents, communica3ng it to the customer service indicated therein. 4.6 The Traveller undertakes to verify the regularity of iden3ty documents, as well as their validity for expatria3on, removed any excep3on or challenge against TALIXO TUSCANY.

5) PAYMENTS. 5.1 The Traveller must pay the Price, by paying a deposit equal to 30%, at the same 3me as signing the contract proposal (reserva3on), while the balance of the same must be made with an advance of at least 15 (fiUeen) calendar days before departure. 5.2 It is understood that, if the contract is concluded within the 15 (fiUeen) calendar days prior to departure, the total Price of the journey must be paid in one lump sum within the said period. 5.3 Failure to pay the sums men3oned above on the dates established legi3mate TALIXO TUSCANY at the termina3on of the contract for default, and any advance payment, will be retained as a penalty, in addi3on to the reimbursement of all expenses incurred by TALIXO TUSCANY for the purpose of fulfilling the contract and of which it will provide, if required, jus3fica3on to the Traveller. 5.4 Confirma3on by the Organizer and/or the third-party provider of Tourist Services, will be requested only aUer payment of the deposit in the cases referred to in art. 5.1 and only following the full receipt of the Price in the cases referred to in art. 5.2 above. 5.5 Where TALIXO TUSCANY is a mere Seller, the same undertakes to inform the Traveller of any condi3ons and methods of payment applied by the Organizer and different from those generally applied by TALIXO TUSCANY, removed any excep3on of the Traveller against the Seller.

6) PRICE. 6.1 The price due by the Traveller and referred to in art.5 above, must be understood as the considera3on of the Tourist Service / Package, including taxes and all fees, addi3onal costs, administra3ve costs and management of the prac3ces, and, as far as not exactly determinable at the 3me of booking, of the categories of costs indicated in the contract (and so altogether from now on called “Price”). 6.2 In the case of the purchase of a Package and/ or Tourist Service, aUer the conclusion of the contract and before departure, prices may be increased or reduced only if the following hypotheses occur: – change of the fuel price; – fees and taxes on certain types of tourist services such as taxes, landing, disembarka3on or embarka3on fees in ports and airports; 3 – exchange rates applied to the package and/or tourist service in ques3on. For these changes, reference will be made to the exchange rates and costs referred to above in force at the date of publica3on of the program as reported in the catalogue or on the website, or the date reported in any updates above. The Organizer will undertake to no3fy the Traveller by e-mail of the increase and the calcula3on methods at least 20 (twenty) days before the start of the Package. 6. 3 If the revision of the Price determines a credit in favour of the Traveller, the refund will be equal to the actual reduc3on of costs in the aforemen3oned cases; pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 1252 of the Italian Civil Code, TALIXO TUISCANY will refund the difference on the Traveller’s credit, aUer deduc3on of administra3ve and prac3cal management costs.

7) CANCELLATION BY THE TRAVELLER. 7.1 The Traveller may withdraw from the contract, without paying standard charges for withdrawal (hereinaUer referred to as “Penal3es”), in the following cases: – increase of the Price referred to in art. 6 in excess of 8%; – substan3al modifica3on of one or more elements of the contract, objec3vely configurable as fundamental, for the purposes of the use of the Package and/ or tourist service considered and proposed by the Organizer aUer the conclusion of the contract itself but before departure and not accepted by the Traveller; – unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances at the place of des3na3on and in its immediate vicinity which have a substan3al impact on the execu3on of the package and/or tourist service or passenger transport to the des3na3on. The eventual impossibility to take advantage of the package and/or tourist service by the Traveller, taking into account the balance of the economic posi3ons of the par3es (with par3cular reference to the Traveller’s right of withdrawal, the right to supply the Package and/or tourist service, the obliga3ons to provide the Traveller with alterna3ve services pursuant to Ar3cles 6 and 10), does not en3tle the Traveller to withdraw without penalty, also because of the possibility for the Traveller to guarantee himself from the economic risk associated with the cancella3on of the contract, with the conclusion of a specific policy. 7.2 In the cases men3oned above, the Organizer/Seller TALIXO TUSCANY undertakes to promptly inform the Traveller by e-mail of the nature of the changes referred to in Ar3cle 7.1 above and their impact on the Price of the package and/or tourist service. The Organizer will have the right, in case of withdrawal, to offer the Traveller a package and/ or alterna3ve tourist service. 7.3 Alterna3vely, the Traveller has the right: – to take advantage of an alterna3ve Package and/or Tourist Service, without any addi3onal price or with the refund of the excess price, if the second package and/or Tourist Service is less than the first; – the refund of only part of the price already paid. Such return must be made within 14 (fourteen) days from the moment of receipt of the no3ce of withdrawal, without prejudice to the rights referred to in art. 43 paragraphs 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and the limits referred to in art.9.4. 7.4 The Traveller must communicate his decision, no later than 2 (two) working days from the 3me he received the no3ce of increase or modifica3on. In the absence of express communica3on within the aforemen3oned deadline, the proposal made by the Organizer and/ or Seller is deemed accepted. 7.5 The Traveller who withdraws from the contract before departure, apart from the cases listed in the first paragraph, will be charged – regardless of the payment of the deposit referred to in art. 4/1 paragraph – in addi3on to the registra3on fees due in full, a Penalty, as quan3fied below and deemed appropriate, due to the possibility of realloca3on of the Package/ Tourist Services. HYPOTHESIS A) TALIXO TUSCANY ORGANIZER: 1) 20% of the Price in case of cancella3on within the (thirty-first) day from departure, 30% of the Price in case of cancella3on between (thir3eth) and (twenty-first) calendar day from departure; 50% of the Price in the event of cancella3on between and calendar day before departure; 75% of the Price in the case of withdrawal in the period from (tenth) day to 3.zo (third) day before departure, 100% beyond the said term. 2) It is made specific no3ce that, to the Penal3es men3oned above, must be added the compensa3on of the air 3cket that the carrier considers non-refundable to the Traveller. 3) It should be noted that the calcula3on of the days does not include that of the withdrawal, the communica3on of which must take place on a non-fes3ve day prior to the start of the journey. HYPOTHESIS B) TALIXO TUSCANY SELLER Where TALIXO TUSCANY acts as a simple Seller, the exact penal3es will be applied by the Organizer, as determined in the respec3ve general condi3ons published on the website, in addi3on to the management fees. 7.6 In both cases already men3oned, a penalty equal to 100% will be payable if the withdrawal is caused by default acributable to the Traveller, such as, for example but not exhaus3ve, the lack or inequity of documents necessary for the trip. 7.7 The Traveller is informed that certain services, included in the Package and/or tourist service, may involve and be subject to penal3es different from those indicated in these condi3ons and independent from the Organizer’s offer (as an example and not exhaus3ve excursions, hotels, carriers.)

8) CESSION OF THE PACKAGE AND/OR TOURIST SERVICE. 8.1 The Traveller has the right, upon no3ce to the Organizer by e-mail to be sent, under penalty of forfeiture, no later than 7 (seven) days before the start of the Package and/ or tourist service, to transfer the contract to a third party, that it is the owner of the same objec3ve and subjec3ve condi3ons necessary for the use of the Package. 8.2 Without prejudice to the joint and several liability of the transferor and the transferee for all contractual obliga3ons arising from the assignment, the Organizer shall be liable for the reimbursement of any addi3onal rights, in addi3on to the Price, tax or related addi3onal cost arising from the assignment and which will be communicated by the Organizer to the transferor. 8.3 Pursuant to art. 944 of the Naviga3on Code, the replacement of the contrac3ng party will be possible only with the consent of the carrier.

9) FURTHER WITHDRAWAL HYPOTHESIS/ CANCELLATION BEFORE DEPARTURE – EXCLUSIONS. 9.1 Also pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 1455 c.c., the Organizer reserves the right, removed the right of withdrawal of the Traveller, to make changes to the contract other than the Price, provided that the same are of “licle importance” and therefore such as not to affect the interest of the Traveller to take advantage of the Package and/ or tourist service and that such changes are communicated by e-mail to the Traveller. 9.2 Changes of “minor importance”, by way of example and not exhaus3ve: the change of the airline, the change of accommoda3on of the same category subject to assignment, the delay in performance, such as not to affect the use of the package and/ or tourist service, change the order of the program. 9.3 The Organizer may withdraw from the package and/or tourist service contract without recogni3on of any damage and/or compensa3on in the following cases: – failure to reach the minimum number of par3cipants as indicated in the contract proposal; in this case, the Organizer will be required to no3fy the Traveller at least 15 (fiUeen) days before the start of the package for journeys las3ng more than 6 (six) days or at least 7 (seven) days before the start of the package for journeys las3ng from 2 (two) to 6 (six) days or at least 48 hours in advance in the case of journeys las3ng less than 2 (two) days pursuant to art.41 n.5 of D. Lgs. 62/2018. – in the event of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances (such as by way of example and not exhaus3ve, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure), which will be promptly communicated to the Traveller. 9.4 Upon the occurrence of the hypotheses described above, the Organizer proceeds, no later than 14 (fourteen) days aUer withdrawal, to the refund of the Price paid, deducted all expenses (such as, by way of example, Insurance, Agency fees, Fee for opening of the file, expenses incurred for visas and documents in general). 9.5 For cancella3ons other than those provided for in this clause, as well as in case of non-acceptance by the Traveller of the Package and/or Alterna3ve Tourist Service offered (pursuant to art. 7 above), the Organizer who cancels, will be liable to compensa3on for the damage proven by the Traveller and that in any case cannot exceed three 3mes the Price. Any limita3ons to compensa3on provided for by the interna3onal conven3ons concluded with Italy or the European Union remain unaffected.

10) CHANGES AFTER DEPARTURE. 10.1 The Traveller shall promptly inform the Organiser and the Seller of any non-compliance detected during the performance of the contract. 10.2 If, aUer departure, the Organizer is unable to provide an essen3al part of the services covered by the contract, it must provide alterna3ve solu3ons, without surcharges charged to the Traveller and, if the services provided are of a lower value than those provided for, refund it equal to this difference; if the Organizer does not comply, the Traveller will have the right to personally remedy the default, with the right to reimbursement of expenses incurred if appropriate (in line with the average cost of the service already covered by the contract) and documented. 10.3 If the Organizer has not remedied within an objec3vely possible period, without prejudice to the right to compensa3on for the damage, the Traveller may alterna3vely: a) immediately terminate the contract or b) request the reduc3on of the price. In case of termina3on of the contract, the Organizer must guarantee the return of the Traveller with the acceptance of the related expenses within the limits referred to in art.42 paragraph 6 (subject to the extension for the subjects protected pursuant to art. 42 paragraph 7). 10.4 In the cases provided for in this ar3cle and, subject to legal exclusions, the Organizer shall be liable to compensa3on for the damage proven by the Traveller within the limits referred to in art. 9.5. 10.5 If the non-execu3on of a substan3al part (in terms of value and quality) of the Package and/or tourist service depends on circumstances beyond the control of the Organiser, the Organiser undertakes to offer the Traveller at no extra cost, suitable alterna3ve solu3ons, in order to allow the con3nua3on of the Package and/ or tourist service, even if the return of the Traveller is not guaranteed in the terms agreed. In case of failure to offer, the Traveller shall have the right to withdraw from the contract pursuant to Ar3cle 7 above. 10.6 The Traveller shall have the right to reject the alterna3ve solu3ons proposed only in the case of an offer of alterna3ve solu3ons that are not compa3ble with the agreement or, where the service offered is of lower value, if the reduc3on of the Price granted is not adequate (to be considered less than the actual lower cost); in any other case, the Traveller, in case of withdrawal, will be required to recognize a penalty equal to the costs unnecessarily incurred in addi3on to any addi3onal expenses arising from the unlawful withdrawal.

11) OBLIGATIONS OF TRAVELLERS. 11.1 Prior to departure, European ci3zens shall be provided in wri3ng with informa3on on health requirements and the documenta3on required for expatria3on. Non-European ci3zens will find the corresponding informa3on through their diploma3c representa3ons in Italy and/or their official government channels. 11.2 In any case, the Travellers shall, before departure, verify the upda3ng of the informa3on on the places of des3na3on and immediate vicinity, such as social situa3on – policy, health and any other useful informa3on for the trip, at the competent authori3es (for Italian ci3zens the local Police Headquarters or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the website or the Telephone Opera3ons Centre at n. 06.491115) adap3ng before the trip. The above informa3on cannot be contained in the Organizer’s catalogues – online – and must be taken by the travellers. In the absence of such verifica3on, no responsibility for the failure of one or more customers may be charged to the Seller or the Organizer. In par3cular, if at the date of booking the chosen des3na3on should be, from the ins3tu3onal informa3on channels, loca3ons subject to “advice” or “warning” for security reasons, the Traveller who subsequently had to exercise the withdrawal will not be able to invoke, for the purposes of exemp3on or reduc3on of the claim for compensa3on for withdrawal made, the failure of the contractual cause related to the security condi3ons of the country. 11.3 Travellers must inform the Organizer or the Seller of their na3onality and, at the 3me of departure, must defini3vely ensure that they are provided with vaccina3on cer3ficates, the individual passport and any other document valid for all countries of the i3nerary, as well as any residence, transit and health cer3ficates that may be required. In addi3on, in order to assess the health and safety situa3on of the countries of des3na3on and the usability of the services purchased or to be purchased, The Traveller will find official informa3on of a general nature at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which expressly indicates whether the des3na3ons are subject to formal advice or not. 11.4 Travellers must inform the Organizer/ Vendor of the existence of any subjec3ve limita3ons (such as, but not limited to, allergies, pathologies, physical limita3ons) when entering into the contract such as to require special services from service providers. Failure to indicate these par3culari3es, relieves the Organizer and the Seller from the inadequacy of the services provided to the subjec3ve condi3ons of the Traveller. 11.5 Travellers must comply with the normal prudence and diligence of the countries of des3na3on of the trip, with the informa3on provided by the Organizer, with the administra3ve and legisla3ve regula3ons and provisions rela3ng to the contract. Travellers will be held liable for any damage that the Organizer or the Seller may suffer also because of failure to comply with the aforemen3oned obliga3ons. The Traveller is obliged to provide the Organizer or Seller with all documents, informa3on, and elements useful for the exercise of the rights of surrogacy of the lacer against third par3es responsible for the damage and is responsible to the Organizer and the Seller for the damage caused to the right of surrogacy.

12) HOTEL CLASSIFICATION. The official classifica3on of accommoda3on shall be provided in the catalogue or other informa3on material only on the basis of the express and formal indica3ons of the competent authori3es of the country in which the service is provided. In the absence of official classifica3ons recognised by the competent public authori3es of the EU countries to which the service relates, the Organizer or the Seller reserves the right to provide in the catalogue or brochure or other means a descrip3on of the accommoda3on, such as to allow an assessment and subsequent acceptance of the same by the Traveller.

13) OBLIGATION TO PROVIDE ASSISTANCE. The Organiser shall provide the Traveller with all the assistance measures provided for by law, including any appropriate informa3on regarding health services and consular assistance.

14) COMPLAINTS AND COMPLAINTS. Any failure in the performance of the contract must be contested by the Traveller immediately so that the Organizer and/ or the Seller, as well as his local representa3ve or the companion can remedy it and, in any case, according to the provisions of the previous art. 10. The Traveller may also lodge a complaint by sending a registered lecer – PEC, with acknowledgement of receipt, to the organiser, no later than 10 (ten) working days from the date of return to the place of departure.

15) OBLIGATORY INFORMATION 15.1 TALIXO TUSCANY informs the Traveller that it is the holder of the insurance policies indicated in the contract, to cover the following risks: a) Civil liability to cover the risks arising to persons from par3cipa3on in the travel programs; b) Guarantee of the exact fulfilment of the obliga3ons towards the tourist services user, in compliance with the relevant provisions of the Interna3onal Conven3on on Contracts of Travel (CCV) referred to in L. 27 December 1977, n. 1084. c) insolvency or bankruptcy of the Organizer or Seller, pursuant to art. 47 comma 2 Decretory Legisla3ve 21 May 2018 n. 62. 15.2 TALIXO TUSCANY informs as per Legisla3ve Decree no. 62/2018 arc. 32 – 33 and by EU Direc3ve 2015/2302 arc.2 – 3 to which type of packages / tourist services is applied the legisla3on of Legisla3ve Decree no. 62/2018 and EU Direc3ve 2015/2302. 16) RESPONSIBILITY OF THE SELLER. 16.1 Except in cases where the Organiser is established in a non-EU territory, the Seller shall act as an agent, with the consequent exclusion of any direct and indirect liability for the performance of the services rendered by the Organiser. 16.2 The Seller shall explicitly indicate in the contract its quality and the Organizer’s references in rela3on to the package offered. 16.3 TALIXO TUSCANY, as agent, will ensure the proper fulfilment of the only formali3es of sale, informa3on and booking of the Package and/ or tourist service, with the express exclusion of its responsibility for: correctness and completeness of the informa3on contained in the catalogues and/ or brochures and/or web pages prepared by the Organizer, quality of the services offered; correspondence between the services offered and the services described; – effec3ve provision of the travel services offered and/or any non-compliance 16.4 In the event of changes and/or cancella3on and/or withdrawal from the Package/tourist service and/or assignment of the contract rela3ng to the Package and/or tourist service and referred to in the previous ar3cles. 7, 8, 9 and 10, TALIXO TUSCANY will have as its sole obliga3on to par3cipate diligently in the informa3on of the Traveller with regard to the decisions and consequences rela3ng to the obliga3ons rela3ng to the travel services determined by the decision of the Organizer and/or communica3ons of the Traveller to the Organizer. 16.5 As Seller, TALIXO TUSCANY will be exclusively responsible for errors due to technical defects in the booking system acributable to it with specific exclusion of errors acributable to the Traveller or due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances (by way of example, non-exhaus3ve blackout of the informa3on or communica3on system, theU and damage). 16.6 Taking into account the nature of the service performed by the Seller, in all cases of withdrawal and/or cancella3on and/or modifica3on for facts not acributable to the Seller, the lacer will have the right to request and/or withhold all management expenses incurred by the same for the purchase / cancella3on / modifica3on of the Package and/ or tourist service.

17) LINKED TOURIST SERVICES. 17.1 In the case of the purchase of two different types of travel services, through the conclusion of separate contracts with individual service providers, the applica3on of Chapter I of the D. Lgs must be considered excluded. 62/2018, and Chapter I of EU Direc3ve 2015/2302 17.2 In such cases, TALIXO TUSCANY will not be responsible for the proper performance of the individual travel services, for which the Traveller must address directly to the supplier indicated at the 3me of signing the individual contract. 17.3 At the conclusion of a STC, TALIXO TUSCANY will give express no3ce, informing the Traveller of the guarantee provided by art.47, 2 co. D. Lgs. 62/2018 and referred to in art.15.1. c). ADDENDUM GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT FOR THE SALE OF INDIVIDUAL TOURIST SERVICES LEGAL PROVISIONS – Contracts rela3ng to the offer of only transport or accommoda3on services, or of any other tourist service, As it cannot be considered as a macer of nego3a3on of travel organiza3on or package travel are governed by the following provisions of the CCV signed in Brussels on 23/4/1970: art. 1, n. 3 and n. 6; arc. from 17 to 23; arc. from 24 to 31, as regards forecasts other than those rela3ng to the organisa3on contract and other agreements specifically rela3ng to the sale of the individual service under contract.

18) TECHNICAL DATA SHEET TALIXO TUSCANY srl – P.zza Frescobaldi,4 – 50125 Florence – email: – cell. + 39 3921087995 – n. REA FI-668544 – ATECO CODE: 79.12 – licence/authorisa3on: COMUNE FIRENZE, n.356486 – issued 04/11/2019 – TYPE: travel agency and tourism

INSURANCE The risk of insolvency or bankruptcy of the Organizer and early return of the traveller in case of insolvency is insured by SECURE TRAVEL SRL sede legale in Via Ripa di Porta Ticinese 39 – 20143 (MI)– PEC: – SITO Liability insurance policy: VITTORIA ASSICURAZIONI – Agency Europa 300 (FI) – email: Policy reference no.300.014.0000909281 – TOUR VALIDITY The tourist services on the TALIXO TUSCANY website have an annual validity and the parameters and criteria for adjus3ng the price of the trip refer to art.39 Cod. Turismo Informa3on pursuant to the Law – Mandatory disclosure pursuant to art. 17 of Law 6/02/2006 n.38 “Italian law punishes with the penalty of imprisonment crimes related to pros3tu3on and child pornography, even if they are commiced abroad”